Sisense V6.7 Upgrade Guide

In Sisense V6.7, the Sisense application database was upgraded to MongoDB V3.4. This version provides many security enhancements and new features including authenticated access. In some cases, this may affect your configuration.

If you answer “No” to the questions below, you do not need to perform any manual configuration following upgrade to Sisense V6.7. If you answer “Yes” to either question, continue reading for instructions.

Do you have a high-availability deployment of Sisense?

If you have implemented a high availability configuration, you need to manually re-configure your MongoDB replica set as Sisense has implemented new security restrictions to protect the MongoDB. See Replicating the Application Database for more information.

Do you back up your Sisense application database?

If you backup your Sisense application database, or use scripts that routinely do this for you, the location of the application database has been changed from:


to its new location at:


See Backing Up Your Application Database for more information.

Did you implement any custom code that accesses the MongoDB directly?

If you have scripts that access the Sisense MongoDB directly, you must modify them and add user credentials as Sisense has secured the MongoDB by preventing unauthorized access to it. If you need to access the MongoDB, you can use a read-only user or a read-write user depending on script implementation. For more information, see Accessing the Sisense Application Database.

Note: If you upgrade to Sisense V6.7 after downgrading from V6.7 to an earlier version, you need to delete this folder: C:\ProgramData\sisense\PrismWeb\Repository prior to upgrading to Sisense V6.7.