Limiting Access to the Application Database

For security reasons, by default, access to application database from outside of localhost ( is prevented.

If you need to access the application database from an IP address other than localhost, you can add the IP address of that server to the Sisense MongoDB configuration file, which contains a list of all servers allowed to access the application database. The Sisense MongoDB configuration file, mongodb.conf, is located in the following directory

…\Program Files\Sisense\Infra\MongoDB\

To allow external IP addresses to access your application database, add the IP addresses in this format [, XX.XX.XX.X] as the value of bindIp, or change it to to enable connections from any IP.


bindIp: [, XX.XX.XX.XX]

Note: The value of bindIp has been changed from an array to a string. As a string, the IP addresses should be separated by a comma with no space in between. In addition, the only IP addresses to be included in the string as and the public IP of your local server.