Managing User Sessions

When a user signs into the Sisense Web Application, a session cookie is stored in their browser. The session cookie allows the user to remain logged in and authenticated even after ending a session by closing the browser.

For security reasons, you may want to logout your users or end their session when they close the browser. Through the Sisense REST API, you can add an additional property, sessionOnlyCookie, to the POST, /api/settings/security of REST API v.9.

When the Boolean value of sessionOnlyCookie is true, the login page does not display the “Remember Me” checkbox in the user’s browser and logging in to Sisense generates a session cookie.

When the user logs out or closes their browser, the session ends and they must log in again to access Sisense.

The following is an example of a cURL command in which the Remember Me button is no longer displayed in the Login page.

<pre>curl -X POST –header “Content-Type: application/json” –header “Accept: application/json” -d “{

\”sessionOnlyCookie\” : \”true\”

}” “http://localhost:8081/api/settings/security”</pre>