Managing Widgets

This topic describes how you can edit, copy, and delete your dashboard's widgets.

Editing a Widget

When you first create a new dashboard (as described in Creating a New Dashboard ) or a new widget (as described in Adding Widgets to a Dashboard), the Widget Wizard automatically guides you through Sisense Web’s best recommendations for visualizing the data that you select.

Then, after a widget is created, you can fine-tune/edit it in the Widget Designer. The Widget Designer provides a variety of options for changing the widget’s appearance and behavior.

See Fine-tuning a Widget for more information.

Copying a Widget

You can create a copy of a widget within the same dashboard or another dashboard in your list. This is useful for saving the original widget in the dashboard before making changes. The new widget is separate from the original so no changes to the new widget affect the original widget.

To copy a Widget within the same dashboard:

To copy a Widget to another dashboard:

Note: When you copy a widget to another dashboard whose data source is another ElastiCube, the Dashboard filters of the new dashboard will not affect the widget.

Deleting a Widget

To delete a Widget: