Pie Chart

The Pie chart is used to display proportional data, and/or percentages.

Adding Data

  1. In the Categories panel, click Add + to select the data that will be displayed in the Pie Chart. You can add only one field.
    Typically, the categories of a Pie Chart contain descriptive data.
    Note: All slices that are smaller or equal to 3% are grouped together into a slice called Other. You can hover over this slice to display its breakdown.
  2. In the Values area, select the field whose values determine the size of the pie slice by clicking Add +. Values are typically used to represent numeric data.
    Note: You can add only one field.

Designing the Pie Chart

Fine-tune the appearance of the PIE CHART widget, using the following tools:

Exploring Pie Charts

You can drill down into pie charts just like other widgets. In addition, when you pie chart has so many smaller slices that they are aggregated into a single slice called Other, you can click this slice to display a second pie chart containing a breakdown of the Other slice.

For example, the Pie chart below displays a breakdown of the top 5 slices in a pie chart with many smaller slices included in the Others slice.

By clicking the Others slice, you can see a breakdown of all the slices included in the Others slice.