Changing the Dashboard’s Color Palette

You can easily change the color scheme of the dashboard to suit your professional or brand preferences.

Note: The following procedure explains how to change the existing palette by way of selecting a different predefined palette. If you want to create a custom palette, it is possible using the REST API. Click here to learn more about using the REST API. To learn more about creating a custom palette using the REST API, see this support article.

To change the color palette:

Note: Three of the palettes are suitable for color blindness: ColorBlind 1, 2, and 3.

Note: When you change the color of an individual widget to a new color that is not one of the palette colors, the new color will be applied to the widget regardless of the applied palette. If you select a new color from one of the palette colors, then when changing the dashboard’s palette, the color will change according to the new palette.