Changing a Dashboard’s Data Source

This topics describes how you can change your dashboard’s data source.

Changing a dashboard’s data source is useful when you have recently changed your server and you to need to reassign your dashboard’s ElastiCube or in cases where you have deleted an ElastiCube Set and you want to reassign the dashboards in that set to your remaining ElastiCubes.

Dashboards can also support multiple data sources, which means you can have widgets built on several data sources within a single dashboard. For example, if you have widgets from an ElastiCube on a dashboard, you can add a data set to the dashboard and create widgets built on that data set’s live data source. The widgets from both data sources continue to function independently of each other in the same dashboard. In addition, filters applied to fields from each data source, do not affect the fields from another data source. For more information about filtering, click here.

To change your dashboard’s ElastiCube:

  1. In the top-left corner of your dashboard, click the ElastiCube link.

  2. Hover over Change Data Source and select the new data source.
    The source is added to your list. You now add new widgets from any of your data sources to the dashboard.