Performing a Silent Installation

This topic describes how to install Sisense silently.

You can install Sisense using the command-line interpreter, for example, when you need to run an installation on a remote machine.

You can also customize the installation using variables, for example, install Sisense without the sample dashboards.

To perform a silent installation:

  1. Download the latest sisense version.
  2. Open the command line interpreter and type in the installation commands as follows:

Silent Customized Installations

To define which Sisense components are installed, you can edit the PrismFeature.xml and copy it to “%programData%\sisense”.

If you are using IIS express, download PrismFeature.xml.

If you are using IIS, download PrismFeature.xml.

Note: Create “%programData%\sisense” if it does not exist.

The PrismFeature.xml file contains an XML node named “Feature”.Changing its ‘Selected’ child node value (true/false) determines if the feature is installed or not. For example, in this configuration, the Prism Server Console is installed:

<Name>Prism Server Console</Name>
<Tests />

After editing the XML file, run the installation according to the instructions above.

To uninstall Sisense using the command-line interpreter:

In the command-line interpreter, enter:

<Location of downloaded executable file>\SisenseLatestFull.exe /q /uninstall