Introduction to Data Sources

Sisense Connectors

Connecting to your data is the first step in analyzing your business information. Sisense has native connectors to many SQL databases, NoSQL sources, and popular web applications. Sisense also provides generic frameworks for connecting to many more. Integrating many different data sources enables you to mashup data quickly and easily for more insightful business analytics.

Sisense Native Connectors

Native connectors are data integrations that are fully supported by Sisense. Some connectors come pre-installed in the application and others can be downloaded separately (for versioning purposes). You can find more information about each source by clicking on the Documentation link.

Connector Download Link More Information
Access Pre-Installed Documentation
Bing Download Documentation
Box Download Documentation
CSV Pre-Installed Documentation
Custom REST Pre-Installed Documentation
DynamoDB Download Documentation
Exact Online Download Documentation
Excel Pre-Installed Documentation
Generic ODBC Driver Pre-Installed Documentation
Generic OLE DB Driver Pre-Installed Documentation
Gmail Download Documentation
Google AdWords Pre-Installed Documentation
Google Analytics Pre-Installed Documentation
Google BigQuery Download Documentation
Google Sheets Pre-Installed Documentation
Heroku Postgres Pre-Installed Documentation
Hive Download Documentation
Microsoft Active Directory Download Documentation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Download Documentation
MongoDB Download Documentation
MySQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Oracle Pre-Installed Documentation
PostgreSQL Pre-Installed Documentation
Quickbooks Desktop Download Documentation
Quickbooks Online Download Documentation
Redshift Pre-Installed Documentation
Salesforce Pre-Installed Documentation
ServiceNow Download Documentation
Sisense ElastiCube Pre-Installed Documentation
Snowflake Click here for instructions. Documentation
Splunk Pre-Installed Documentation
Stripe Download Documentation
SQL Server Pre-Installed Documentation
Teradata Pre-Installed Documentation
Zendesk Pre-Installed Documentation

Sisense Community Connectors

Community connectors are drivers that connect to certain databases and web applications available to our technical user community. These connectors may require developer expertise to manage or customize. For some connectors, certain limitations on data volume, tables, and refresh will apply.

Connector Download Link More Information
Ebay Download Documentation
Facebook Download Documentation
Facebook Ads Download Documentation
HubSpot Download Documentation
Intacct Download Documentation
MailChimp Download Documentation
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Download Documentation
PayPal Download Documentation
Sharepoint Download Documentation
Twitter Download Documentation
Xero Download Documentation
Youtube Download Documentation
Youtube Analytics Download Documentation

Sisense Live Connect

An alternative to importing data into an ElastiCube is to connect directly to the source through a live data connection. With Live Connect, queries can be processed directly in the data source. This allows you to work with only the result set from a query, rather than doing large imports from the source. You may want to leverage this method if you have invested in a high performance database or want to tap into real-time functionality.

Connector Download Link More Information
SQL Server Pre-Installed Documentation
Amazon Redshift Pre-Installed Documentation
Oracle Pre-Installed Documentation
MySQL Pre-Installed Documentation
PostgreSQL Pre-Installed Documentation

Sisense supports Live Connection in the following data sources. All Live Connectors come pre-installed in Sisense.

Connecting to More Data Sources; Frameworks and Data Integration Partners

You can connect to many additional data sources by leveraging Sisense’s generic frameworks such as the Generic ODBC Driver or Custom REST Framework.

Sisense supports these frameworks with frequent upgrades and new functionality. However, full connectors to specific data sources created through these frameworks are not supported.

You may want to use third-party data integration providers, especially if you are working with large amounts of data from technically intensive web sources. Sisense's preferred data integration partners include StitchData and Fivetran.