Manage Data


This section describes how to import data into Sisense and avoid common mistakes when preparing it.

Data Page

In Sisense, Designers can import data into an ElastiCube from a variety of sources. You can see a list of your ElastiCubes and create new ElastiCubes from the Data page in the Sisense Web Application.

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The ElastiCube is Sisense’s proprietary, high-performance analytical database with specifically designed to withstand extensive querying typically required for your business intelligence application.

You connect to your data sources and import your data into an ElastiCube through the ElastiCube Manager, from where you can then design your ElastiCube's schema.


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After you create an ElastiCube, the next step is to start adding some data to it. Once your data is there, you need to prepare it before you build the ElastiCube. If your not familiar with working with data, start with Navigating the Schema Editor to learn how your way around.

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ElastiCube Builds

After you have designed your schema, it's time to build the ElastiCube. Building an ElastiCube takes all your data from all your sources, and imports it into the ElastiCube.

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