Connecting to SnowFlake

Through the ElastiCube Manager, you can connect and integrate your Snowflake data warehouse quickly and easily to generate and analyze your data. Snowflake provides an ODBC driver for connecting to Snowflake using ODBC-based client applications such as Sisense.

Downloading and Connecting the Snowflake ODBC Driver

  1. Download and install the Snowflake ODBC Driver. For more information, click here.
  2. In ElastiCube Manager, click Add Data and then, Generic ODBC Driver.
  3. Select DSN. If a DSN file has already been created, select it in the dropdown list, and click Test Connection. If you need to add a DSN, see Adding a DSN. If your connection has been set up, you can click OK and review the tables generated by the Snowflake ODBC driver.

    Select Connection String (DSN-Less) and enter your Connection String. Click Test Connection. For more information, see Connecting without a DSN.

Adding a DSN

If a DSN has not yet been created, you must add the DSN manually.

Note: To add a DSN you must run the Sisense ElastiCube Manager as an administrator.

To add a DSN:

  1. Click Add DSN.
  2. Select the System Data Source option. The created file applies to all users in a specific machine only. Click Next.
  3. Select the Snowflake ODBC Driver, and click Next.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. In the Snowflake ODBC Driver DSN Setup window, enter the following details:
  6. FieldDescription
    UserSnowflake user name.
    PasswordSnowflake password.
    ServerSpecifies the domain name for your account provided to you by Snowflake.
    DatabaseSpecifies the default database to use for sessions initiated by the driver.
    SchemaSpecifies the default schema to use for sessions initiated by the driver.
    WarehouseSpecifies the default warehouse to use for sessions initiated by the driver.
    RoleSpecifies the default role to use for sessions initiated by the driver. The specified role should be a role that has been assigned to the specified user for the driver. If the specified role has not been assigned to the user, the role is not used for sessions initiated by the driver.
    TracingThe level of detail to be logged in the driver trace files:0 = Disable tracing1 = Fatal only error tracing2 = Error tracing3 = Warning tracing4 = Info tracing5 = Debug tracing6 = Detailed tracing
    When entering parameters, note the following:
  7. Click OK.

Adding Snowflake Tables to your Project

After setting up the DSN, the Add table from Snowflake Tables window is displayed.

From this window, you add your Snowflake tables to your ElastiCube Manager. In addition, you can view the SQL syntax in the Query Preview section and click Edit to customize it.

To add Snowflake Tables to your Project:

  1. Connect to Snowflake via the Sisense ODBC Tool.
  2. Add your data source.
  3. In the Add table from Snowflake Tables window, select the table you want to add to the ElastiCube Manager.
  4. Click Add. The selected tables are added to your ElastiCube Manager.