Connecting to Teradata

You connect to a Teradata database by selecting TERADATA from the list of connectors in the Sisense Add Data window. The Teradata Connector is displayed in the list of Database server connectors.

Importing Data from Teradata

You can add Teradata tables to the ElastiCube Manager by clicking Add Data.

By entering your Teradata credentials, you can easily connect to your Teradata database and import its tables into the ElastiCube Manager.

To add tables from Teradata:

  1. Click Add data on the top menu of the ElastiCube Manager.
  2. Under Database servers, select TERADATA.
  3. Database server location: Enter the computer/server IP address of the database. To connect to a database running on your own computer enter localhost.
  4. Select either Windows Authentication if configured with the database or alternatively, Use the Following User Name and Password fields, and enter the database credentials.
  5. Click Connect to server.
  6. From the Select Database list, select the relevant database you want to work with, and click OK.
  7. All tables and views associated with the database will appear in a new window.
  8. To view a preview of data contained in a particular table, highlight the table or view in the list and in click the preview pane below. To preview the table, select the Preview checkbox. Enable the checkbox next to each table or view you would like to use. Existing relationships between tables can be automatically replicated in the ElastiCube by selecting the Automatically create relationships from database option. Likewise fields with similar names can be linked by selecting the Automatically create relationships for fields with the same name option.
  9. Once all relevant tables are selected, click Add.


Custom tables: This is a feature not yet available, only entire tables can be imported.