Importing and Exporting ElastiCube Data

Note: This feature is currently available in the desktop version of the ElastiCube Manager. This feature will be migrated to the web-based ElastiCube Manager in the near future. For more information, see Sisense V7.0 Backwards Compatibility.

ElastiCube data can be transferred to different machines. This is useful when you are deploying on a new machine or need to transfer the data to a different server.

The transferred data is stored in a compressed ecdata file. The file contains all of the information contained in an ElastiCubeData folder (including the source data), and is used by the Sisense Server Console to build a new ElastiCube.

To export data:

  1. Open the Sisense Server Console.
  2. Click on the relevant ElastiCube.
  3. Click Stop to stop the specific ElastiCube (not the entire server).
  4. Click Export. Enter a name for the file you are saving, and click Save.

To import data:

  1. Open the Sisense Server Console.
  2. Click on the import ecdata file icon .
  3. Select the location of the ecdata file and click Open.
  4. A window will appear showing the import progress. Once complete, the new ElastiCubes will be added to the list of existing ElastiCubes. Make sure the ElastiCube is running before accessing it.

Note: You can also transfer data by copying the folder where Sisense stores the data locally, instead of exporting and importing the compressed file.