Customizing the Installation

This topic describes how you can customize the settings for your web server application during the installation process or after Sisense is installed.

For example, you can configure your server to use the Long index edition of Sisense if your ElastiCubes are expected to contain a table with over 300 million rows.

Note: You cannot customize the settings during an upgrade process. If you upgraded Sisense and want to customize settings, refer to the post-installation option described below.

To access the customization options during the installation process:

To access the customization options after you have already installed Sisense:

  1. Open the Control Panel, and go to Programs > Programs and Features. Right-click Sisense, and click Change.
  2. Click Continue > Change Features, and define the settings as described below.


ElastiCube Server

Select the Long indexThe ‘Long Index edition’ of Sisense determines how Sisense transforms your data when loading it in to an ElastiCube. Sisense builds your ElastiCube using pointers that represent your data. These pointers are used to find the actual values so no information is lost. To reduce memory consumption and improve performance, Sisense builds ElastiCubes with 32-bit pointers reducing the size of the pointers. You may experience “Out of memory” errors when working with big data such as: 300 million rows of numeric fields 2GB of string fields For example, let’s assume that your data contains strings with a length of 1024 characters and 4,194,304 unique rows such that 1024*4,194,304 > 4GB in content after indexing, you should install the Long Index version of Sisense. By installing the Long Index edition, Sisense will use 64-bit pointers. While this is fine for big data, you should use the default installation of Sisense when working data smaller than the figures mentioned above for faster performance. edition if your ElastiCubes are expected to contain a table with over 300 million rows.

It is not recommended to use this configuration setting for ElastiCubes in which the largest table does not include at least 300 million rows.