Upgrade Guide

Sisense releases several major versions a year, and a few minor versions in between. Each version includes new features and enhancements as well as other improvements.

Sisense allows you to decide when you want to upgrade to the latest version. There are no automatic updates for Sisense. If you decide to upgrade, follow the steps below to ensure a smooth upgrade. These steps include best practices, instructions for upgrading in single server versus multi-server environments, and suggestions for avoiding potential problems that can occur.

Important: Which version you are upgrading from matters. If you are upgrading from a version earlier that Sisense V7.2, see the Sisense V7.2 Upgrade guide. If you are upgrading from Sisense V7.2 and later, there are no special requirements.

The following are a list of steps you should review or perform when upgrading Sisense.

  1. Researching Your Upgrade
  2. Backing Up Sisense
  3. Performing an Upgrade
  4. Testing Your Upgrade
  5. Upgrading Your Production Environment

Next Steps