New to Sisense

This section describes how Sisense works, how to set Sisense up, and provides a tutorial for building your first dashboard from scratch.

Learn how Sisense Works

Sisense's end-to-end, single stack solution simplifies complex data in 3 short steps: 

  1. Model: Blend massive amounts of data from a variety of sources into the Sisense ElastiCube.
  2. Analyze: Once your data is inside the ElastiCube, interact with it in a visual way to get deeper understanding, or zoom out to understand the holistic data landscape.
  3. Impact: Create dashboards that make it easy to get insights and take action.

The topics below describe in more detail how Sisense works.

Set Up Sisense

Before you start building ElastiCubes and designing dashboards, you need to set Sisense up, the topics below explain how: 

Give Sisense a Try

Now that you've set Sisense up, it's time to play. See the tutorial below to learn how to import data and build your first dashboard.

See Minimum Requirements and Supported Platforms to see what you need to support Sisense.