Sisense User Roles

Sisense licenses three categories of roles: 




Note: This roles can be customized through the Sisense REST API. For more information, see .

  Administrator Roles Designer Roles Viewer Roles
  Admin Data Admin Data Designer Designer Viewer
System Management
Access Admin Page    
Edit System Configuration        
Configure SSO        
User Management
Create/Delete Users        
Create/Delete Groups        
Add Active Directory Users        
ElastiCube Management
Add/Delete Servers      
View Servers    
Add Live Connections    
Create/Delete ElastiCubes    
Edit ElastiCubes    
Share ElastiCubes    
Edit Servers    
Create ElastiCube Sets      
Delete ElastiCube Sets      
Manage Hierarchies    
Configure Data Access Rights    
Stop/Restart Servers      
Stop/Restart ElastiCubes    
Set Up Data Security    
Access Data Page    
Dashboard Design
Create/Edit/Delete Dashboards  
Copy Dashboard to Another Server  
Restore Dashboards  
Change Color Palettes        
Create/Edit/Delete Widgets  
Rename Widgets  
Duplicate Widgets  
Change Widget Type  
Drill into Widget
Reorder Widgets  
Create/Delete Dashboard Filters  
Toggle Dashboard Filters On/Off
Create/Delete Widget Filters  
Toggle Widget Filters On/Off  
Export Dashboards to PDF, Img, CSV
Share Dashboards ✓*  
Migrate Dashboards ✓*  
Access Pulse
Create Data Alert
Create Build Alert      
Delete Alerts *
Edit Scripts  

* The user must be the owner of the dashboard, ElastiCube, or alert.