Changing the Dashboard’s Color Palette
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Changing the Dashboard’s Color Palette

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You can easily change the color scheme of the dashboard to suit your professional or brand preferences.

To change the color palette:

  • Click  in the top menu, and select the preferred color palette. The default palette is Vivid.

Three of the palettes are suitable for color blindness: ColorBlind 1, 2, and 3.


For a short video overview of the process, see below:


When you change the color of an individual widget to a new color that is not one of the palette colors, the new color will be applied to the widget regardless of the applied palette. If you select a new color from one of the palette colors, then when changing the dashboard’s palette, the color will change according to the new palette.




Creating a Custom Palette via the REST API

You can create your own brand custom palette through the REST API. Click here to learn more about using the REST API. To learn more about creating a custom palette using the REST API, see this Manage Color Palettes.

Sisense provides the following endpoints:

  • GET /palettes

    Returns a list of available palettes in the Sisense web app.

  • GET /palettes/default

    Returns the default color palette.

  • POST /palettes

    Adds a new color palette.

  • PUT /palettes/{name}

    Updates the dashboard's color palette.

  • DELETE /palettes/{name}

    Deletes a color palette from the color palettes.

The table below describes the parameters you can return and update through the palettes endpoints:




The colors included in the palette.Your custom palette can include up to 16 colors.



The name of the new palette.



Determines whether the new palette is the default. New dashboards are created with the default palette. There can only be one default palette at any time.



Determines the order of the palette in the palettes list.

To add an existing palette:

  1. In Sisense, click Admin, and then Rest API.

  2. Select version 0.9 on the top-right of the screen.

  3. Click palettes to access the API operations related to roles.

  4. Go to PUT/palettes/default and click Try It Out.

  5. Indicate the current name of the palette, and make your changes. You can change the palette name, colors, etc.

  6. Click Execute and scroll down to the Responses section to verify that the response does not contain errors.

To create a new palette:

  1. Go to POST / palettes and click Try It Out.

  2. Enter all the relevant values.

  3. Click Execute.

    The new palette will be added to your Dashboard Palettes.

To delete a palette:

  1. Go to DELETE/ palettes, click Try It Out, and enter the name of the palette to delete into the Value input box. Then click Execute .

    The Palette will be deleted from the list of your dashboard Palettes.

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