Creating Build Alerts
  • 18 May 2022
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Creating Build Alerts

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Administrators can set build alerts to notify themselves or other users when a build fails or succeeds. Build alerts are created from Sisense and are sent following an ElastiCube build.

Build alerts allow you to monitor the status of ElastiCube builds.

Administrators can create build alerts from the Admin page. After a build alert is created, it is added to Sisense Pulse from where you can manage it.

To create a build alert:

  1. In Sisense , select Admin > Data Sources > Add Build Alert .
    From the ElastiCube menu, Add Build Alert.
    Creating Build Alerts
    The Add Build Alert window is displayed.
  2. In Name, enter a name for the alert.
    Creating Build Alerts 2
  3. From the Server list, select the server where the ElastiCube is hosted.
  4. From the ElastiCube list, select the ElastiCube(s) that triggers an alert following a build.
  5. Select when to notify you following a build. There are three conditions that when met, can trigger an alert:
    Build failed: The alert is sent after the ElastiCube build fails.
    Build succeeded: The alert is sent after the ElastiCube is built successfully.
    Build succeeded after failure: The alert is sent following a successful build after the ElastiCube previously failed to build.
  6. Click Add. The alert is added to your Sisense Pulse page.
    For additional advanced configuration options, see Advanced Settings.

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