Drilling Down in a Widget
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Drilling Down in a Widget

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This topic describes how you can drill down into your data in most widgets to get an in-depth view of a selected value.

In the following example, the pie chart on the left shows a breakdown by gender. This is the original chart as created by the dashboard’s Designer. On the right side, the chart shows a breakdown or drill down showing age groups of the ‘female’ segment from the original pie chart.

Drilling Down

With Sisense you can drill down from any field to any field, unless disabled by the dashboard’s Designer.

For a short video overview of drill hierarchies, see below:

For information about enabling or disabling the drilling feature, see Adding Drill Hierarchies to Widgets.

To drill down into a chart:

  1. Right-click on the item in the widget into which you want to drill down.

  2. To manually select the drill hierarchy path, select Drill Into, and then in the In the Data Browser, select the field into which to drill down. If you have already drilled into this chart, then you will have shortcuts to previously selected fields, or select Choose Another Field to select a different field for the first time.


    Select a predefined drill hierarchy (if available). Predefined drill hierarchies are defined by the dashboard's owner.

    Drilling Down 2

    To drill up to a higher level, click on a breadcrumb. To drill all the way up, click on the X icon.

    Drilling Down 3

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