Embedding Common Practices
  • 18 May 2022
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Embedding Common Practices

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Embedding Sisense - Common Practices

The following are the most common embedding practices that are relevant for all methods of embedding (IFrame / Embed SDK / Sisense JS).

Single Sign-On (SSO)

To avoid showing the login page and to improve the user experience, configure SSO before embedding. This will enable the users to be automatically authenticated to Sisense, and enables the IFrame or Sisense JS library to load dashboards and widgets immediately.

For more information about SSO: https://documentation.sisense.com/docs/single-sign-on-sso

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

CORS is a protocol that enables scripts running on a browser client to interact with resources from a different origin. In cases where Sisense and the host application are deployed on different domains, which is most cases, CORS must be enabled to allow the interaction between two applications.

For more information about CORS: https://documentation.sisense.com/docs/cross-origin-resource-sharing

UI Customization

It is recommended to adjust the Sisense UI to meet the host styling. There are several features available for UI customization (look & feel / white-labeling: logo, fonts, colors, etc.), located in the Admin tab in the System Configuration section.

For more information about UI customization: https://documentation.sisense.com/docs/customizing-the-sisense-user-interface

Also, try the “Look & Feel” section of the playground: https://sisense.dev/playground


Plugins enable us to add specific features to extend Sisense functionality. Among Sisense’s most popular and useful plugins are: Accordion, Jump to Dashboard, Tabber, and Tooltip.

To access the plugins: https://www.sisense.com/marketplace/


Embedding itself does not require any additional interaction with the API. Usually, its use is dictated by business requirements. Sisense exposes a variety of functionalities through its REST API for customizing the integration. For example: retrieving user dashboards, creating users and assigning them to groups, or even creating dashboards on the fly.

For more information about the Sisense REST API: https://sisense.dev/guides/rest/

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