Managing Sisense Features
  • 14 Jun 2022
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Managing Sisense Features

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To enable or disable Sisense features:

  1. Click Admin in the top menu, and then on the left, under System Configuration, click Feature Management.

  2. Update one or more of the following settings:

    • Pulse: Toggle to remove the Pulse page from the top menu bar and the Pulse Notification Feed. This option hides the Pulse page from all users in your system and stops sending Pulse notifications.
    • Forecast: Toggle to activate the Forecast that enables users to easily forecast future values based on historical data. For more information, see Forecasting Future Results.

    When using the Forecast, some of the historical data that you selected is sent to the Sisense Cloud Service where it is processed by machine-learning algorithms and returned as a forecast. Sisense takes your security seriously and takes the following steps to limit your data exposure: only time-value series are sent to the cloud. The data is not stored in the cloud (not the original data, nor the processed data). The data is not identifiable to your company. You can toggle this feature off at any moment to prevent your data being sent to the Sisense Cloud Service.


    Since data is sent to the cloud service, the Forecast feature requires that your Sisense server has internet access.

    • Trend Cloud Models: Toggle to enable/disable cloud-based models for the Forecasting and Trends Analysis features.
    • User Profile: Toggle to remove the My Profile page. This option hides the My Profile page from all users in your system. When enabled, users can set personal information details, user language preferences, a new password (not available for SSO and AD users), and copy and/or regenerate an API token.
    • Live Table Query: Toggle to enable/disable live table queries. When enabled, Data Designers can create custom queries against live sources directly from within Sisense when working in the Live data model, without modifying the data in the source.
    • Dashboard Administration: Toggle to enable/disable the dashboard administration feature. Turn this feature off if you do not want Administrators to have access to all of the dashboards of every user in the system in the Analytics page. For more information, see Managing Your Users Dashboards.
    • Widget Narratives: Toggle to allow your Designers to add narratives to widgets. For more information about this feature, see Sisense Narratives.
    • Field Suggestions: You can toggle on field suggestions. Field suggestions are displayed to Dashboard Designers to help them add the relevant fields to widgets quickly and easily. For more information, see Field Suggestions.
    • Exploration Paths: Toggle to enable Viewers to receive exploration widgets in the dashboard, see Leverage AI to Uncover Hidden Insights.
    • End-User Scheduling: Toggle to allow the dashboard owners to enable dashboard recipients to manage their own subscription setting. For more information, see Sharing Dashboards.
    • Embed Code: Toggle to show the “Embed Code” button on the dashboard and widget menu. This button allows your user to customize the URL used to embed dashboards and widgets in other applications. For more information, see Embedding Dashboards and Widgets.
  3. Click Save to update your settings.

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