Increasing Docker ulimits
  • 18 May 2022
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Increasing Docker ulimits

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Docker ulimits limit a program's resource utilization to prevent a run-away bug or security breach from bringing the whole system down. The default limit for Amazon AWS is 1024, which is not enough for Sisense to run properly.
The instructions below describe how to check what your current value is, and then increase it to allow Sisense to run.

To increase the ulimit value:

  1. Connect to the desired host and execute the following command:

    systemctl show docker

  2. Search for NOFILE.

  3. If the output is “1024”, edit the file:


    and replace the line:

    OPTIONS=" — default-ulimit nofile=1024:4096"


    OPTIONS="--default-ulimit nofile=1024000:1024000"

  4. Restart the Docker daemon.

    sudo systemctl restart docker

  5. Verify that the limit has been updated:

    kubectl exec -it -n sisense <pod_name> -- /bin/sh -c ‘ulimit -a’

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