L2021.10 Release Notes
  • 18 Sep 2022
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L2021.10 Release Notes

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What's Fixed

  • When exporting a table widget to a CSV file, only 5001 rows are exported.


What's Fixed

  • When performing a clean install to new build L2021.10.0.124, Sisense header is missing and some plugins fail.
  • Active Directory users’ credential authentications may fail following an upgrade to version L2021.10, with the warehouse pod returning a 431 response code.


For a list of release dates and Sisense's end of support schedule, see Sisense Life Cycle.


Sisense recommends running a system backup before upgrading. See Backing up and Restoring Sisense.

Release Overview

Release L2021.10 provides a number of new features and significant improvements to Sisense for Linux. For example:

  • Uploading custom fonts
  • Improvements to the first-time activation flow
  • Granting Sisense support agents access your Sisense instance to help and troubleshoot issues without the need to provide login credentials
  • Use of a Web Access Token to enable a secure, scalable and highly customizable Viewer role experience while interacting with Sisense assets

What's New


Uploading Custom Fonts

  • Customers can upload custom fonts to be used throughout the Sisense user interface to match their own branding.
  • In the Typography section in Admin>Look and Feel, click the Upload font button and select 3 font styles.

See Customizing the Sisense User Interface.

Grant Access to your Account to Support Agents

  • For Cloud Managed Services customers only!
  • This feature allows Sisense Support agents to access your Sisense application to help and troubleshoot issues as long as the feature is turned on.
  • Enable the setting in Admin>General Settings. Default setting is ON.

See Configuring General System Settings.

Web Access Token

  • Sisense introduces the Web Access Token feature to enable a dynamically parameterised and customisable Viewer role experience of interacting with dashboards and widgets without user login or password. It is a token-based signature process and does not utilize cookies in the flow. The Web Access Token feature unlocks the ability to generate stateless and volatile sessions, with anonymous and public access to the analytical content.
  • This feature provides a dynamic (on the fly) configurable anonymous and public viewer role access to analytical content for numerous users, without the need of providing user credentials.
    See Using Web Access Tokens.


Enabling SSL without a Private Key
You can now enable an LDAP connection over SSL (LDAPS) without a Private KEY (PFX). See Integrating Active Directory.


The following APIs have been added for Pivot Tables:

  • Show or Hide Data Bars: Enables you to show or hide Data Bars in Pivot tablesThe configuration setting is enabled by default in the application
  • Update Query Limit: Enables setting a limit on query data from the database. The configuration setting is enabled by default in the application
  • Sort Subtotals: Used to sort subtotals in Pivot tables

See Sisense Development Guides

What's Improved


First Time Activation

  • Improved UI to inform the user that their activation link is no longer valid. This can be due to link expiration time, or if a new activation link was generated.
    Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 14.16.06 (1).png

What's Fixed

Dashboard and Widgets
Dashboard background filters no longer affect the data even if they are disabled

User Management
Support provided for non-standard email address

Improved system security for Sisense deployments using Docker

Deployment and Upgrading
Kubernetes.hostname metrics display issue is fixed

Data Modeling
Function reference Quotient is now fully supported for use in the Sisense formula editor


Pivot tables with enabled filter on measure (not every filter) shows grand total results calculated as non-distinct, even though the platform is configured to calculate as distinct results.

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