L2021.12 Release Notes
  • 08 May 2022
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L2021.12 Release Notes

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For a list of release dates and Sisense's end of support schedule, see Sisense Life Cycle.

You can download the latest Sisense version from here.

  • L2021.12: Server side add-ons break following L2021.12 installation. This version includes a major security upgrade. With this increased protection, you must now perform a one-time manual upgrade to your server-side add-ons for the add-ons to continue functioning
    You must upgrade the add-ons prior to the installation otherwise the installation fails.
    To perform the upgrade, you can either contact your CSM or follow the step-by-step guidelinesbelow. The list of server-side add-ons affected is:
    1. Monitor sensitive data
    2. Dashboard access control
    3. Jasper reports
    4. Column Level Security
    5. SSO Router
    6. Export Modifications
    7. Advanced formula
    Manual Upgrade Guidelines:

    On Linux env, the external add-on parses all swagger files and combines them by functionality. For example, the server combines all definitions.yaml files into one. The fix is necessary for L2021.12.

    1. Update $ref for paths.yaml;
      • Change #/parameters/ in parameters.yaml#/;
      • Change #/definitions/ in definitions.yaml#/;
    2. Update $ref for definitions.yaml;
      • Change #/definitions/ in #/;
      • Change #/parameters/ in parameters.yaml#/;
    3. Update $ref for parameters.yaml;
      • Change #/parameters/ in #/;
      • Change #/definitions/ in definitions.yaml#/;

    See also:

Release Overview

Release L2021.12 provides a number of new features and significant improvements to Sisense for Linux. For example:

What's New


The new Notebooks feature is introduced in this version.Notebooks1.png

Here are the highlights:

  • Notebook style code editor with multiple code blocks
  • Type SQL - get charts
  • Create multiple charts based on a single SQL query
  • Drag and Drop Charts and Text blocks for custom layouts

  • Reference SQL outputs in Python for further analysis
  • Pip install other packages using Python
  • Share notebooks to collaborate with other data designers and business users

On-prem environments require internet access to utilize the Notebooks feature.

You can find detailed information in Working with Notebooks.

Hide Group from Sharing

  • In multi-tenancy environments, this setting limits the ability for sharing specific groups across the environment. For example, a group may use a specific language and so sharing is not relevant to other users. This allows the administrator to hide the group in all sharing flows.
  • In Admin > Groups, click Add Group and enable or disable the Hide Group from Sharing setting.

Embed SDK Accessible via Web Access Token

  • A wat parameter enables token-based access to the Embed SDK solution.
  • We can enrich the infusion experience by including the wat parameter with a generated Web Access Token when configuring your Embed SDK.
  • User Role Restrictions prevent Web Access Token users from performing actions higher than the Viewer role experience permits (the primary concept of the WAT approach) - SDK actions available for editMode or Designer and higher roles were disabled.
  • Filters passed in the WAT claim “flt” only override native filters, leaving the SDK configuration filters in their original state.
  • See Embed SDK - Getting Started for information on configuring Embed SDK.

Defining Web Access Token Interface Language

  • Web Access Token supports defining Dashboard interface languages per token by including the "lng" claim with its value.

  • Supported:

    • “zh-CN”(Chinese)
    • “nl-NL“(Dutch)
    • “en-US“(English)
    • “fr-FR“(French)
    • “de-DE“(German)
    • “it-IT“(Italian)
    • “ja-JP“(Japanese)
    • “ko-KR“(Korean)
    • “pt-BR“(Portuguese)
    • “ru-RU“(Russian)
    • “es-AR“(Spanish-Argentina)
    • “es-ES“(Spanish-Spain)
    • “tr-TR”(Turkish)
  • See Changing Sisense’s Language for information on changing the language in Sisense.

WAT-Based Jump To Dashboard Add-on Support

  • The first aligned and approved add-on supported for Web Access Token usage is ‘Jump to Dashboard’.
  • Setting up JTD for the WAT environment is similar to the regular flow.
  • Restricting accessible assets via the “res” claim in the payload requires including both parent and target JTD dashboards.
  • See Jump to Dashboard for information on this add-on.
  • Sisense is currently developing full support and compatibility for all Sisense-certified add-ons in Web Access Token-based environments.

WAT Security

  • You can apply data security rules for each token and dynamically define the scope of available data for the end analytical consumer on a per business case basis.
  • Include the token’s data security rule within the "grants": { "acl": [ {acl1}, {acl2}, etc ] } claim.
  • See Using Web Access Tokens for information about using the "acl" claim in Web Access Token.

Percentile and Quartile Analytic Functions for Live Models

  • When creating a new formula, the Percentile and Quartile analytical functions are now available for querying the data source for Live models.
  • This is relevant only for Live models using the new analytical engine.

What's Improved

Viewing Queries to BiqQuery Dashboard

  • BigQuery has been added as a data source for viewing queries.
  • In the widget, use the Analyze SQL Query option when in Edit mode to view the queries.
  • This is relevant only for Live data sources using the new analytical engine.

Database Dynamic Parameter in Snowflake Connector

  • One connector is definable to all Snowflake databases under the same tenant. The connector's parameters can be adjusted dynamically.
  • The connector’s parameter can be adjusted dynamically per operating viewer.
  • Create and apply user parameters in a Live connection and assign values. For more information see Managing Live Dynamic Connections.

What's Fixed


  • The Kubernetes API server prevents anonymous access to the Kubernetes API via the Kubernetes dashboard.

Backup and Restore

  • When restoring the Sisense application, including extra-paths restores all assets consistently.

Data Sources and Connectors

  • An issue causing the existing list of cubes to be removed from a data group when searching for and adding a new group in the data group interface is fixed.

Web Token Access

  • Automatic refresh of live data models in the WAT-based environments is fixed.

Live Connector

  • Export to CSV - Rows exported to CSV from a Live widget based on Snowflake are no longer limited to 50000 rows.


  • Improved system security for Sisense deployments using Docker.
  • The Log4j security vulnerability is fixed.


  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported from January 2022 and onwards.

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