Managing Your License Utilization
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Managing Your License Utilization

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License Utilization

Sisense provides your licensing information in the Admin page of the Sisense Web Application.

In the License Utilization section, you can see when your license expires, how many user licenses are in use for your account, and additional features that are supported in your account.

Clear messages are displayed in-app to System Administrators warning of upcoming, and already passed, license expiration. After the license has expired, functionality will be entirely unavailable or extremely limited.

To access the License Utilization section:


This section is accessible to System Administrators only.

  • In the Sisense Web Application, click Admin and select License Utilization in the left menu.

The License Utilization section includes the following information:

License Expiration DateThe date when your Sisense license expires in the format of Month/Day/Year.
Trial LicenseIndicates if your license is for a trial or full version of Sisense. True indicates that you are using a trial license.
AdministratorsThe number of Administrator licenses in use out of the number of available licenses in your account. Administrator licenses includes Admin, Sys.Admin, and Data Admin.
DesignersThe number of Designer licenses in use out of the number of available licenses in your account. Designer licenses include Designers and Data Designers.
ViewersThe number of Viewer licenses in use out of the number of available licenses in your account.
Big DataIndicates if your account supports big data. Big data as defined by Sisense is typically considered to be data sets above ~1 billion rows.
Row LimitThe maximum number of rows across all tables, connectors, etc. that your license supports
License UserThe email address of the license holder

Changing License Details

You can change the details of your Sisense license. This might be useful when a person leaves your company and you want to pass your Sisense license to another Sisense user.

To change the details of your license:

  1. Click Change License.
  2. Enter the current license user password.
  3. Enter the new license holder's email address.
  4. Enter the new password.
  5. Click Apply.

If you're behind a firewall and are unable to change the license details in the usual way:

  1. Click Behind a Firewall.
  2. Enter your Sisense license key.
  3. Click Apply.

If you don't have a license key, follow the instructions in the dialog box to obtain it.

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