L2021.1 Release Notes:
  • 21 Aug 2022
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L2021.1 Release Notes:

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For a list of release dates and Sisense's end of support, see Sisense Life Cycle.

Release Notes

L2021.1.4.23 - March 8, 2021 - Service Pack

  • Support was added for Azure Premium Disk Storage (Read more)
  • Limitation: Users that were duplicated after importing from Active Directory may receive more than one email for the same report.

L2021.1.3.20 - February 25, 2021 - Service Pack

  • Sisense supports dynamic parameters for connection settings, which enables you to manage a single Live data source where the parameter values for the connection depend on the user (Read more)

Selected Bug Fixes

  • When using SisenseJS, the background color was missing in collapsed dashboard filters
  • Reports for larger dashboards were not always sent
  • Permissions errors occurred preventing connections to Google Sheets
  • In some scenarios, custom tables were not included in a build
  • Logs were not structured correct in some scenarios
  • The date format in PDF reports ignored a user's localization settings
  • The Exporting service failed when migrating
  • In some scenarios the Jobs service was stuck and had to be restarted
  • Deleting all pods caused new pods to get stuck while initializing due to non-existing migration pods

L2021.1.2.30 - February 19, 2021 - Service Pack

  • In some scenarios, you could not connect to Google Spreadsheets in multi-node deployments
  • Sisense Quest anomaly detection did not work as expected
  • After building an ElastiCube, all ElastiCube Query pods start at the same time and not sequently when you have multiple pods supporting the ElastiCube
  • When a filter was used in a BloX widget, it sometimes gave incorrect results
  • On BigQuery Live connections, aggregate functions containing date columns could have resulted in an error when a date filter was applied
  • When sorting Groups by language, the sort order did not work as expected
  • Sorting Groups and Users sometimes took a long time to complete
  • When restoring Sisense, the ZK pod was also erroneously restarted (as were some other third-party services)
  • Permissions for ElastiCubes could not be modified
  • A timeout occurred when trying to access a PostgreSQL database's list of schemas and tables
  • The add_completion-ns-sisense.sh login command failed on Amazon EKS
  • Upgrades did not complete for single node deployments on Amazon EKS
  • The cluster was not removed when the uninstall_cluster parameter was set to true in the single_config.yaml file

L2021.1.1.71 - February 10, 2021 - Service Pack

Support was added for Single node deployments offline (Installing Sisense in an Offline (Air-Gapped) Environment)

The following issues were fixed:

  • When installing Sisense offline, single nodes on existing clusters did not include sample ElastiCubes
  • In some scenarios, when uninstall_cluster in the config.yaml file was set to true, the cluster was not uninstalled
  • PNG files from email reports were saved in storage
  • When using Sisense BloX and Jump-to-Dashboard, drilling into a dashboard did not work as expected
  • In some scenarios, builds with Google BigQuery failed when the size was larger than 300M rows
  • The dashboard is not loaded in the PDF preview window from the Reporting tab when sharing a dashboard
  • The Jump-to-Dashboard add-on doesn't set filters from formulas in the target dashboard
  • In some scenarios, a list of databases was not displayed when trying to add a new data source
  • For some users, when they scheduled a dashboard report, sometimes the report didn’t send
  • When running an API call with a System Admin access token, if you used the GET method with the api/globals endpoints, the hash fields were returned
  • If a shared user scheduled email reports, the schedule was overwritten when the dashboard owner republished the dashboard
  • Customized plugins were overwritten after Sisense was upgraded
  • Reporting of dashboards that use Blox widgets sometimes failed
  • Sometimes groups were not included in the request header of the authentication API
  • Build preview failed when trying to use the Generic JDBC connector and the CDATA SharePoint Excel Services driver
  • Some widgets embedded in emails were either cropped or didn’t display properly
  • Non-supported connection options were included in the “recent connections” list
  • The old and new translator sometimes showed different results
  • Duplicating a shared dashboard, and then changing the ownership to a different user, sometimes resulted in the original owner receiving a 403 error
  • The exporting service stopped working after sending 7-8 email reports with an attached PDF
  • Yellow highlighting did not disappear when scrolling or selecting checkboxes after creating groups and assigning values
  • If one plugin failed during a build, all other plugins also failed during the build
  • There was no descriptive error message when a connection failed is Sisense was unable to resolve the connection parameters
  • In the Connection Wizard, parameter fields did not have any validation
  • When running or editing dashboards, sometimes the widgets did not load and Sisense froze
  • In some cases, query errors did not include error details
  • Incorrect values sometimes displayed when setting the date filter to a date range
  • When the dashboard was filtered by date, and the “highlight” option was displayed, filter values were displayed with marker dots, instead of displaying as sliced
  • If more than 11 values were used in a bar or column chart, the display order was incorrect
  • If two dashboard filters on the same column were applied and one was disabled for a specific widget, when viewing the widget in edit mode, sometimes all filters were disabled
  • After changing the timezone on the server, the time in the subject of email reports were different from the time on the server
  • In some scenarios, users were redirected when a session ends with CSRF enabled
  • An Admin user who does not own a dashboard could not share or access some elements
  • In some scenarios, builds stopped at the AddressType table
  • The Create Data Notebook button was missing after upgrading to L2021.1
  • Collect Usage Analytics was disabled by default
  • Scheduled ElastiCube builds failed in some scenarios
  • On the Data page, disabling the Break by field affected the Values state
  • Received an error message when a table has no columns or did not exist
  • Builds failed after a table was deleted and then recreated
  • Transferring dashboard ownership broke the Owner's View
  • When creating an ElastiCube, users could not select connection parameters or to create a connection based on recent Live connection with parameters
  • Adding a column to a widget in a SnowFlake Live model yielded a query.log error for component: io.undertow.request
  • Unable to preview PDFs on dashboards from Live sources.

January 27, 2021 - Official Release

Important to Know

  • Sisense versions will now be in the format Linux-Year-Month-Version (L2021.1.0)

What's New

Custom Code

Transform your data with custom code using Jupyter notebooks

Read More


Funnel Charts

Sisense now includes Funnel Charts

Read More


Additional New Features and Improvements

  • When using the Accordion add-on, you can configure it to pass all dashboard filters to the destination dashboard Read More
  • Easily Customize the background color of Sisense Read More
  • Improved memory consumption for MemSQL, MSSQL, SalesForce, Athena, and EC2EC
  • Download logs to send to Sisense Support Read More
  • Sisense on EKS, GKE, and AKS supports Kubernetes 1.18

What’s Fixed

  • The /user POST API did not accept empty Name fields
  • The /users V1.0 endpoint did not support search capabilities
  • Viewers will no longer see the Clear Selection feature on widgets as it was not available for them
  • CORS configurations were not supported for some REST API endpoints
  • Columns included in hidden tables are not returned in API calls
  • When using the Frame SDK, applying filters did not always work as expected
  • Blox Submit action did not work with external requests due to withCredentials and 'internal' header
  • You can now set ElastiCube names up to 60 characters
  • If a JAQL call fails when data security is applied, the filter now switches to “include all” status so that data security can be applied
  • Dependent filters that include a background filter now produces more accurate results
  • Dashboards with data security now load much faster
  • Custom columns that query themselves in SQL expressions now result in an error message with instructions for how to proceed
  • When attempting to back up system farms with queryable data when the farms are stored in S3, a message now informs you that only the schema will be backed up, not the data
  • Attempting to build a data model and the result is empty a 404 message no longer appears
  • When the GET /api/v2/builds request is executed without any additional parameters by a Data Designer, this request now returns a list of available builds.
  • When using an iFrame with JWT, when a session ends the user is now redirected to the dashboard, not to the Home page.
  • If the parentId property in v1/folders/{id} is empty, the left-hand navigation menu now displays all dashboards, instead of showing none
  • The left-hand menu now loads faster
  • Helm charts now support custom affinity and node selector rules, as well as custom labels
  • Font and checkbox display issues in Internet Explorer 11 are resolved
  • "WEEK" was not exported to CSV files as expected

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