Configuring Sisense for Infusion App Users
  • 14 Aug 2022
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Configuring Sisense for Infusion App Users

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This article details how to set up the Publish View Plugin, which serves as the foundation of the Extense Framework and all Infusion Apps. It also provides best practices for using the plugin.

Set up of the plugin is mandatory for enabling use of Infusion Apps with a Sisense deployment, whether you are creating your own infusion app or using any of the ones provided in the Sisense marketplace.


In order to get the most out of your Infusion Apps, you will need to enable publishing data via Views. The view is a new concept introduced for Infusion Apps, and is:

  • Simply a perspective of data. For example, Pipeline Opps, Won Opps, Open Support Tickets, Salesforce Leads, etc.
  • The basis of the NLQ engine used by Infusion Apps. The Ask Me feature in many Infusion Apps queries the view and not the data model.
  • A tabular dataset with a defined set of columns and a specific set of filters.

Views typically appear in Infusion Apps as sources of data for the user to explore. For example, the following figure depicts a list of views available to the user in the Infusion App for MS Teams.

Perform the following steps to publish data to Infusion Apps via Views:

  1. Install the Publish View add-on.
  2. Create and configure one or more views.

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