• 19 Jul 2022
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The Table widget displays a broader view of your data, presenting raw and non-aggregated data in columns, with as much fields and metrics as needed.

For a short video overview of the table widget, see below:

Adding Data

  • Click Add + to select the field(s) that you want to add to the table.

    To rearrange the order of the columns, click and drag a column up or down.


Designing the Table Panel

Fine-tune the appearance of the Table widget, using the following tools:

  • Borders : Select the borders to display in the table.

  • Column Width: You can resize the column widths as follows:

    • Fit to Window Size: Columns are resized automatically to fit the contents in the window.
    • Fit to Content: You can manually resize the column widths by dragging the column separator.
  • Colors: Select whether to color (highlight) alternating columns and rows, and the table header.

  • Word Wrap: Select whether to wrap texts in headers and rows.

  • Infinite Scroll: Toggle the Infinite Scroll option On or Off:

    • On: Include all items in a single page with scrolling. Additional data loads as you scroll down in the page.
    • Off: (Defalt) Specify how many rows you want in a single page. Paging options are displayed above the specified number.


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