Testing Your Upgrade
  • 01 Aug 2022
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Testing Your Upgrade

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Testing Your Upgrade

After you have upgraded your staging or production environment, Sisense recommends you test the following to verify that your upgrade was successful:

  1. If you implemented SSL, access the Sisense server from an external network using SSL, and check that the dashboards load as expected.
  2. If you implemented SSO, log in to Sisense using SSO, and check that a user can see all their dashboards.
  3. If you use any plugins or add-ons, load dashboards that use plugins, and check that they load correctly.
  4. If you have rebranded Sisense, check that:
    • Rebranded emails are sent and displayed as expected.
    • The homepage and logo are displayed as expected.
    • Dashboards that are embedded into your site and application work as expected.
  5. If you have implemented Active Directory, log in to Sisense using an account from the active directory and check that your user can log in and see all their dashboards.
  6. Create a new ElastiCube and import a data source (Excel or CSV file, or any other).
  7. If you have dashboards or widgets that use custom scripts, load the dashboard or widget and check that they load correctly.
  8. Run a build of an existing ElastiCube successfully.
  9. Create a new dashboard, and add a table or pivot widget. Check that the widget loads data.
  10. If you collected information about your environment, including how many ElastiCubes, dashboards, users, and groups you have, check that the number of assets in the upgraded deployment is correct.
  11. Export a widget to Excel. Check that the file downloads and contains the relevant data.
  12. Export a dashboard to PDF. Check that the PDF is created and opens successfully.
  13. Send a PDF report of a dashboard through Sisense and check that it is received.
  14. If you have a multi-node deployment, in addition to the list above, also test the following:
    • Shut down one of the query nodes and check that dashboards return the correct result.
    • Check that ElastiCube distribution works and the Last Build time in the Data Source section of the Admin page changes.

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