Collected Product and Usage Data
  • 08 May 2022
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Collected Product and Usage Data

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Collected Product and Usage Data

Sisense collects data when you or your users install or use Sisense products or services. Sisense uses data collected for internal and support-related purposes such as improving our products and services, improving customer engagement, conducting research, and resolving technical issues.

The tables below list and describe the types of data Sisense collects when you install and access Sisense’s products.

User Information

Data Description
Sisense Owner ID The email address of the owner of the Sisense account.
Unique Users The number of unique users that have accessed Sisense.
Username The name of the user that initiated the query to an ElastiCube. This data is obfuscated by default in every installation.

System Information

Data Description
Host Name The machine name of the host where Sisense is installed.
Disk IO The amount disk input/output operations traffic generated by the machine where Sisense is installed.
Cores The amount of processing cores on the machine.
Logical Processors The amount of logical processors on the machine.
Disk Drive Model The model name of the hard drive of the machine where Sisense is installed.
HD Free Space The amount of unused hard drive disk space.
Last Update Date Last time Sisense was updated on the system.
NetVersion The version of .Net framework installed on the machine.
Operating System The operating system installed on the machine.
RAM Capacity The amount of memory in gigabytes on the machine.
System Data Drive The drive name of the hard drive where Sisense is installed.
System HD Size The size of the hard drive where Sisense is installed.
System HD Space in USE The amount of hard drive space currently in use.
Timezone The time zone where the server is located.
Page File Data regarding your page file such as its name, directory, size, and its initial and maximum size.
CPU Processing The average and maximum percentage of CPU being used.
Memory Usage The average and maximum percentage of memory being used.
Data Folder Free Space Amount of free space remaining where Sisense’s data folder is located.
Data Folder Total Size The size of the data folder.
Data Folder Used Space The amount of space currently being used in the data folder.
Data Server Folder Directory Directory of the data folder.

Connectivity Information

Name Description
Network Traffic The amount of network traffic generated by the machine where Sisense is installed.
# Simultaneous Query Executions The amount of concurrent queries being processed through the Sisense Web Application.
Management TCP Port The TCP port where queries are routed.
Query CPU Cores The amount of cores used for processing queries.
Query TCP Port The TCP port where queries are routed.
Query Timeout (Seconds) The number of seconds until a query times out.
Concurrent Queries The amount of concurrent queries.
Query Response Time The average response time for queries.
Query Status by ElastiCube The amounts of various statuses of queries.
Time of Query The time the query was initiated.
Duration The amount of time it took to respond to the query.
Count The number of events recorded in our reports.

Sisense-Related Information

Name Description
Sisense Version The version of Sisense installed on the machine.
ElastiCube Count The number of ElastiCubes hosted by the machine.
Sisense CPU The amount of CPU being used by Sisense.
Sisense Memory The amount of memory being used by Sisense.
Backup ElastiCube before each Build If ElastiCubes are saved prior to running new builds.
ElastiCube CPU Usage The amount of CPU used by ElastiCubes.
ElastiCube Memory Usage The amount of memory used by ElastiCubes.
ElastiCube Name ElastiCube Name.
Status The status of an ElastiCube query.
Exceptions Exception data such as the time an exception occurred, which application the exception occurred in, the exception message returned, the error type.
Build Build data such as when the build was initiated, which ElastiCube was built, when each phase of build occurred, the type of build, how long the build took to complete, the type of data source of the build, and the names of the tables processed during the build.
Sisense CPU ElastiCube Server The percentage of CPU used of the ElastiCube server.
ElastiCube Virtual Bytes The amount of virtual bytes used by each ElastiCube.
Sisense Monitoring Version The version of Sisense’s remote support module (monitoring).

Action Logs

Name Description
Action The type of action performed by the user, for example: CreateWidget, ResetFilter, DashboardShared, AddAlert, AddLdapDomain, NarrationFeatureEnabled, etc.
Area The area of the application the action is related to, for example: Setup, Dashboard View, EC Manager, Dashboard Design, Dashboard View.
Feature The name of the feature being used, for example: Plugin Admin, Dev to Production, Pulse, Export to Excel.

Note: The action log does not include licensee data, and does not attribute actions to identifiable users.


Parameter Description
Product Exception Log Product exception data such as when an exception occurred, which application, the message returned and the error type.
Event Log Record when an error occurred, in which application, and the error message. The error messages within the event logs may contain information such as IP address, and ElastiCube, dashboard, or widget names.

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