Domain Analytics
  • 08 May 2022
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Domain Analytics

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Domain Analytics provide you with insights regarding users from different email domains active in your account. A domain represents each unique email domain of your users in your Sisense system. For example, if you have users with the email addresses and, these represent two different domains. This dashboard is useful for OEMs who want to monitor and track their tenants' activity in their Sisense system.


The Usage - Domain dashboard contains data regarding how many domains were active for the recorded period of time, the number of Viewers per domain, how often they are using your dashboards, and what type of dashboard load performance your customers are experiencing.

You can filter the information displayed in your widgets with a set of filters on the right. With these filters, you can filter the details displayed in your dashboard by each domain.

With the Usage - Domain dashboard, you can keep track of how many users you have per domain. For example, in the Users per Domain and Number of Dashboard Viewers per Domain tables, you can view how many users your customers have, and monitor their license utilization.

This dashboard is useful for answering the following questions:


How many domains are using my dashboards?

Active Domains in Period

How many dashboards are users from each domain viewing?

Avg Viewed Dashboards per Domain, Avg Viewers per Domain, Users per Domain

How often are dashboards being refreshed by users from the domain?

Avg Refreshes per Dashboard per Domain, Dashboard Refreshes and Viewers

How many Viewers do I have per domain?

Avg Viewers per Domain, Number of Dashboard Viewers per Domain

How much are users from each domain interacting with my dashboards?

Avg Actions per Domain, Actions over Time

How well are my dashboards loading?

Avg Load Time, Dashboard Load Time

Who is viewing my dashboards?

Dashboard Viewers per Domain

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