Setting User Profile
  • 18 May 2022
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Setting User Profile

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If enabled by your Sisense Admin, the My Profile page is made available for updating your Sisense user profile. Admins can enable part of, or all of the My Profile feature options, including the following:

Setting Your User Profile

To access My Profile and adjust user profile settings:

  • Click Clear_MY_Profile_icon.png located in the upper right of the screen, and from the User menu select My Profile.

The My Profile page opens with the Personal Information Details tab selected.
The user icon changes to MY_Profile_icon.png.

Setting Personal Information Details

  • In the Personal Information Details tab, edit the information and clickSave.png .

Setting Preferences

  • Click Preferences; the Preferences tab opens.

Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu, and clickSave.png .

Setting a New Password

  • Click Password; the Password tab opens.

Enter text to the three fields to set a new password, and clickSave.png .


If the system detects password setting errors, a message appears describing minimum character usage and/or character constraints.
User passwords cannot be changed when connected via Single Sign On (SSO). Users connected via SSO wishing to change a password are shown the following message: Your account uses Single Sign On (SSO). Password is managed by your organization.

Copy and/or Regenerate an API Token 

Only available when enabled by your Sisense Administrator.
  • Click API Token; the API Token tab opens.

The API token is utilized by users requiring access to Sisense functionality via APIs without using the Sisense client.

  • Click copy_to_clip.png  to copy the the existing API token locally to your clipboard.

  • Click regenerate.png  to regenerate an API token.


Exercise extreme caution before regenerating an API token. Integrations using the existing API token stop working until updated with the new token.

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