B2D Prerequisites
  • 14 Aug 2022
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B2D Prerequisites

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  1. Sisense version L2022.5 or newer.
  2. Requires an Intermediate Storage with Write permission: 
    • Supported Storage: Amazon S3 for Redshift and Snowflake CDWH
    • Amazon S3 Storage with Write permissions to a bucket
    • Configure the intermediate storage, which is required for Build to Destination as a temporary storage before transferring it to the CDWH.
      To set up the storage, see Amazon S3 documentation.
      For example, Amazon S3 Buckets should be added, or add the required permissions for Sisense to create buckets. See Amazon S3 Setup Example.
  3. Requires a CDWH for Data Model Management and as Query layer for Live connectivity
    1. Supported Destinations: Snowflake, Redshift
    2. Prepare a CDWH Destination, the Destination database for the Build process and eventually the Source for the Dashboard and queries sent to the B2D model. 
    3. For these purposes will define two connections to work with, a Reader and a Writer. This is required for security reasons and in order to utilize costs:
      1. Reader - is For executing Read queries, for example, queries that are being sent from the Dashboards 
      2. Writer - For executing the write and manipulate related queries as part of the build process 
      3. This separation is required to Govern the Users permissions to perform actions on the CDWH 
      4. To allow the flexibility to choose the Warehouse to perform which task (Read or Write). A common strategy is for Write and Data Manipulation purposes to choose a small warehouse, while for the Reader and Query tasks choose a larger Warehouse
    4.  Required configurations on the CDWH:
      1. Create or use an existing Database. For reference “MY_DB”
      2. Create or use an existing Warehouse. For reference “MY_WAREHOUSE” 
      3. Create or use an existing User for write tasks. For reference “MY_WRITER_USER” with:
        1. Permissions to Add/Remove Schemas in Database “MY_DB”
        2. Permissions to perform all commands (DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, DQL) on Database “MY_DB” in generated Schemas
      4. Create or Use an existing User for read tasks. For reference “MY_VIEWER_USER” with Permissions to Query Database “MY_DB”
      5. On how to apply the above on each Database, please refer to the relevant CDWH documentation. See Snowflake Code and Setup Example.

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