Sisense BloX

Sisense BloX are JSON objects rendered as HTML inside widgets on your dashboard. Create dynamic and rich content in your widgets that can turn your dashboard into an interactive business app. This enables you to gather insights and take immediate action from within your widget or dashboard. For example, you can create widgets that visualize an important KPI, while also displaying buttons that allow you to push a webhook to take an action you define.

Sisense BloX offers much more than just a customizable design. With Sisense BloX, you can:

Who Should Use Sisense BloX?

Sisense BloX are JSON objects that render HTML and CSS. Therefore, to create your own interactive BloX, you should have a basic understanding of how JSON works, and have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The following pages will show you how you can create interactive dashboards with Sisense BloX:

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Changes in BloX Version 2.0

Sisense BloX 2.0 includes major infrastructure changes. These changes affect how Sienese BloX widgets from earlier versions are displayed.

Sisense encourages you to upgrade to the latest version of Sisense BloX because it provides more flexibility, allowing you to customize every element in your widgets.

The following is a list of breaking changes that you can expect when upgrading to the latest version of Sisense BloX:

If you have an earlier version of Sisense BloX or want to install an earlier version, see Sisense BloX 1.1.