Expanding Single-Node Deployments to Multi-Node Deployments

Applicable to Sisense on Linux

If you want to expand an existing single-node deployment to a multi-note deployment retaining your existing assets, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a backup of your the single instance including any ElastiCubes that were built on the single node.
    si system backup -include-farm
    See Backing Up and Restoring Sisense on Linux for more information.
  2. Build a multi-node instance. See Initializing Sisense on Linux for more information.
  3. Copy the backup created in Step 1 form /opt/sisense/storage/system_backups in the single node to the same directory in the destination node.
  4. Restore the backup in the multi node machine.
    si system restore -name [backup name]

Contact Sisense Support to assist with this process.