Internationalization and Localization

Applicable to Sisense on Microsoft Windows

To learn about Internationalization and Localization in Linux, see Internationalization and Localization in Linux.

Sisense supports localization and internationalization by displaying your users’ native language in the Sisense. You can select the language displayed in the Sisense from a list of languages provided by Sisense or display your own translation. Each time you select a language, the Sisense interface is displayed in that language.

When you change the default language displayed in the Sisense, words that are part of the Sisense framework such as menu items, buttons, and messages are displayed in the selected language. Words specific to your dashboard, such as table names, field names, and filters, are not automatically translated when you select a new language to display. These words are called metadata and you can provide your own translation of these terms and display those translations to your users through a Dashboard script.

For instructions on how to change the language displayed in the Sisense, see Changing the Sisense’s Language.

For instructions on how to translate your metadata, see Translating Sisense Metadata on Windows.