Managing plugins

Sisense plugins enable you to extend the functionality and capabilities of your Sisense dashboard through standard web development languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

For more information about developing Sisense plugins, see JavaScript API & Plugins.

In the Sisense Admin page, you can view a list of your current plugins, their version as defined in your plugin’s script, and their status, enabled or disabled.

From the plugins page, you can enable or disable your plugins. This is useful for testing new plugins or troubleshooting issues with your dashboard. When a plugin is disabled, its functionality is no longer available in the Sisense Web Application.

To enable or disable a plugin:

  1. In the Sisense Web Application, select Admin > Plugin-Ins.
  2. Toggle the Enable/Disable switch to activate or deactivate a plugin.
    To activate/deactivate multiple plugins, select the checkbox of the relevant plugins. When you select any of the checkboxes, an Enable/Disable switch is displayed in the menu bar. Toggle the switch to enable or disable all the selected plugins.

    After enabling or disabling a plugin, Sisense rebuilds your plugins’ list. The next time you refresh your dashboard, the plugins will be enabled or disabled as defined in the plugins page.