Data Security

By default, when you share a dashboard, your users can see all of the data shown in the dashboard widgets. You can override this behavior by applying a type of filter that allows you to specify which data “rows” any given user signed in to the server can see.

When data is imported into Sisense, or when you connect directly to a data source, the protocol used depends on the protocols supported by the data source. Sisense supports importing data over SSL, if the source supports it. Communication between the client web browser and Sisense servers, can be secured over HTTPS.

Configuration data, such as account credentials and authorization profiles, are encrypted prior to being written to the disk. The encryption technology used by Sisense includes:

  1. SHA-256
  2. TripleDES
  3. AES-256

For data at rest, Sisense supports OS based disk encryption. Sisense on Linux uses shared storage and supports storage options that are encrypted by default.

The second type of data security is data access. This type of data security refers to who can access your data after it's imported into Sisense and displayed in a dashboard. To learn more about Data Access, click here.