Security Settings

Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

To update one or more Security settings:

  1. Click Admin in the top menu, and then Settings on the left.
  2. Update one or more of the following settings:
    • Session Management: You can choose which method to use for handling the expiration of your users' sessions: Cookie or Session Inactivity. For more information, see User Sessions.
    • Embedded Domain White List: You can define which domains can embed your dashboards into iFrames on their site. This is useful for controlling where your dashboards can be embedded. In the Add Domain field, enter each domain where your dashboards can be embedded and click Add. If you do not add any domains, then your dashboards can be embedded into any site. After adding a domain, your dashboards can be embedded only in those domains.
    • Support Cross Site Cookies for Embedding: Select the value of the attribute Same-Site that is added to cookies when accessing Sisense. Select None if you are embedding Sisense or have implemented SisenseJS. In addition, Sisense recommends that you enable SSL when you select None. See Setting Up SSL for more information.
    • Number of failed login attempts before lockout: Enter the number of times a user can fail to log in before they are locked out of Sisense.
    • Lockout duration (minutes): Enter the number of minutes that a user is locked out of Sisense.
    • Allow only users in imported groups to log in: When connected to Active Directory, Sisense creates a new user for your Active Directory users when they try to log in. If you want to limit which Active Directory users can create an account, toggle this switch to enabled. Only users of a Sisense Active Directory group can create an account and log in.
  3. Click Save to update your system settings.