Sisense BloX Reference

The following tables describe the properties for the JSON objects that are used or can be used in the Sisense BloX.




Text Styling


Input Fields

While a dropdown list is the default option for the Dynamic Inputs snippet, you can use the same functionality for radio buttons and checkboxes.

For example, by changing the value of choices in the Checkbox or Radio Button snippets from an array to a string, you can display input options based on your data.

  "type": "Input.ChoiceSet",
  "id": "checkboxVal",
  "class": "",
  "layout": "vertical",
  "isMultiSelect": true,
  "value": "1,3",
  "choices": "choices": "{choices:Brand}"


Actions turn your BloX into interactive business applications by letting your users perform certain actions inside a widget. Actions are located after your body element, unless you add an Action.Set that allows you to place Actions within the body.

  "type": "ActionSet",
  "actions": [
		"type": "Action.OpenUrl",
		"action": "lightbox",
		"title": "Share",
		"url": ""

The snippets in this section can be applied to elements to add actions to them. For example, you can convert images into clickable elements with the Clickable Elements snippets.

Action Buttons

Action Types

Collected Product and Usage Data