The Sisense Cloud Managed Service

Sisense’s Cloud Managed Service is a cloud-based service that provides a secure, high-performance BI environment. The Sisense Cloud Managed Service is the easiest and recommended way to work with the Sisense app.

Sisense’s Cloud Managed Service enables you to focus on your businesses and BI results, without having to manage the technical aspects of deploying a BI project.

Sisense Cloud Managed Service is the best way to experience Sisense. You'll enjoy the benefits of all the latest features, round-the-clock monitoring with a 99.9% uptime SLA, and an expert team to ensure your BI environment is always running at peak performance.

Furthermore, Sisense secures your data with encryption in transit and at rest, and all connections to the Sisense web application are over HTTPS. For more information, see Sisense Cloud Security.

Access to the Cloud Environment

How your users access the environment is described in the diagram below.

From inside or outside your network, users connect to your dedicated Sisense deployment, hosted on AWS. Connections are secured with HTTPS and connections to and from your databases can be secured by IPSec VPN, VPC Peering, or SSH Tunneling, depending on your infrastructure.

Additional Resources

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