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While Sisense provides you with a centralized location for consuming data in the Sisense Web Application, sometimes you need quick access to your data without having to jump across applications to ask data questions. Sisense Boto analyzes your data and returns natural language insights within 3rd party applications such as Skype and Slack. In addition, you can upload CSV files and Sisense Boto will provide you with insights directly in your chat.

Note: To participate in the Sisense Boto Beta Program, your Sisense server must be accessible over the Internet without a VPN.

Sisense Boto supports the following 3rd party applications:

Click the links above to add Sisense Boto to your applications.

How does it Work?

Sisense Boto analyzes your data and returns insights to you in natural language in 3rd party applications.

After setting up Sisense Boto, all you need to do is chat with it and tell Sisense Boto which dashboards you would like to get insights for, or upload a CSV file for Sisense Boto to analyze.

Throughout your chat, Sisense Boto will provide instructions with how interact with it. The one thing to keep in mind is that as you dive deeper into your data, each dive acts as a level so, to go to previous insights, you can type back until you get to the desired level.

The easiest way to learn about Sisense Boto is to see it in action: 

Setting Up Sisense Boto

To interact with Sisense Boto, you must add Sisense Boto to your application.

Click the links above to add Sisense Boto to your applications.

After adding Sisense Boto to your application, greet Sisense Boto by typing, ‘Hi’. The first time you message Sisense Boto, you will be asked to authenticate your account.

To authenticate, click the link and enter the following details:

After you have entered your details, click Authenticate and return to your application. Greet Sisense Boto again by typing ‘Hi’. Sisense Boto will get your environment ready, which takes just a few seconds. Once it’s ready, you can now begin to consume data from with your application.

Sisense Boto will offer some advice to get started. You can select Skip to pass on the tutorial.

Interacting with Sisense Boto

Sisense Boto provides an interface for returning insights, so no need to ask questions. Just select your dashboard from the carousel and begin diving in.

To get an idea of just how easy it is to work with Sisense Boto, check out some of our tutorials below:

Share Insights Instantly with Anyone

Unveil Insights from Your CSV Files

Get Deeper Insights

Once you have started exploring a dashboard, Sisense Boto will display the following buttons:

Sisense Advanced Commands

As you begin exploring your dashboards and their widgets, you will see a button called Advanced Options.

Below are a list of advanced commands you can use and their meanings:

Analyzing CSV Files

In addition to analyzing your dashboards, you can upload CSV files (up to 10mb in size) and Sisense Boto will analyze the data and return natural language insights.

After uploading the file, you select the column in the CSV file you want to Sisense Boto to analyze. Uploaded files are deleted by Sisense automatically several hours after the upload takes place.

To analyze your data:

  1. Drag your CSV file into your chat with Sisense Boto. Sisense Boto will request that you select a column to analyze.
  2. Select a category. Sisense Boto will begin to analyze it. This may take several minutes depending on the size of your file and how many insights are extracted. The maximum amount of time is 5 minutes.
    When Sisense Boto is done, your insights will be displayed in chat.
    For more insights, click Next and Sisense Boto will display any more insights if any are available.

Sharing Insights

You have several options for sharing insights, by typing ‘Share’ or click the Share button. If you use the advance command, Share [Widget Name], you will be prompted to select the Sisense user. If you want to share some insights with a non-Sisense user, just select Other and you will be able to enter that user’s email address. Sisense Boto will then forward your insights via email to the user.

Group Chat

You can begin a group chat with a colleague and then invite Sisense Boto to join the conversation by typing, '@sisense_boto'. Remember, when Sisense Boto returns insights, anyone in the conversation will be able to see those insights, however, only users who you shared the dashboard with can click the Explore button to access the dashboard from within the chat.

In your conversation, interact with Sisense Boto as you would within a private session.