Adding Text Widgets

You can add Text widgets to create titles and texts that stand out, or when you want to add more descriptive explanations to your dashboard and surrounding visualizations.

In the Text widget’s settings, you can find plenty of options for creating different text styles. Some examples of what you can do include changing the font color, selecting a background color, adding hyperlinks, and defining the text alignment.

To add a Text widget:

  1. Click on the Text Widget icon in the top menu.

    A new Text widget appears in your dashboard.
  2. Type in your text. As you begin to type, a tool bar with text and formatting options is displayed.
  3. Click outside of the widget area to save the text and formatting.


To select a font style:

  1. Click anywhere in the relevant paragraph.
  2. From the Styles list, select one of the five predefined styles.

To add a hyperlink:

  1. Select the word or text fragment to which you want to add a link.
  2. Click the hyperlink icon and enter the URL.
  3. You can also select which text to display instead of the selected (linked) text, and whether to open the link in the same window, or in a new window.

To change the background color:

  1. Click on the paint bucket icon to open the color palette.
  2. Select a color from the palette, or enter a custom color (Hexadecimal format).