Area Chart

An Area Chart is very similar to a Line Chart except that the areas under each line are filled in (colored), and it is possible to display them as stacked. The chart is recommended for displaying absolute or relative (stacked) values over a time period.

Adding Data

  1. In the Widget Designer, click + Select Data to select the field(s) whose values will be placed on the X-Axis.
    Typically, the X-Axis of an Area Chart is used to represent time. You must add at least one item to the X-Axis. You can add at most two items. When you add two X-axis items, the chart’s two X-Axis are combined.
  2. In the Values area, click Add+ to select the field whose value determines the height of the area in the chart. Typically, the Y-Axis of an Areas Chart is used to represent numeric data.
    You must add at least one field to Values. When you add more than one Value, then each item is represented in the chart by its own color and area.
  3. Break by (optional): Click Add + to select a field by which to break up (group) the data represented in this chart.
    Each field added to Break By is represented by its own area in the chart and is automatically added to the chart’s legend.
    This is an optional field, and operates under the following conditions:

Designing the Area Chart

To fine-tune the appearance of the Area Chart widget, open the widget in Edit mode and on the right pane you can modify your Area Chart with the following options: