Line Chart

The line chart can be used for various business cases, including:

Adding Data

  1. Add data to the X-axis.
    Click Add + to select the field(s) that will be represented on the X-Axis.
    Typically, the x-axis of a Line chart is used to represent time.
    You must add at least one item to the x-axis, and at most, two items.
    When you add two x-axis items, the chart’s x-axes are combined and a separate plot (line) is displayed for each unique value of the second selected x-axis.
  2. Add data to the Y-axis.
    In the Values area, click Add + and select the field whose value determines the height of the lines in the chart. Typically, the Y-Axis of a line chart is used to represent numeric data. You must add at least one field. If you add more than one field, then each item is represented in the chart by its own line and color.

    Another version of the same chart includes the following differences:
  3. (Optional) Select a field by which to break up the data. Click Add +.
    Each item that is a member of the field added to Break by is represented by its own line in the chart, and is automatically added to the chart’s legend.
    You can add only one Break by field.
    The Break by option is only available when you have a single field in the Y-Axis.

Designing the Line Chart

Fine-tune the appearance of the line chart, using the following tools: