Polar Chart

Use the polar (radar) chart to compare multiple categories/variables with a spacial perspective in a radial chart.

Adding Data

  1. Click Add + to select the field whose values will be represented as columns in the circle. Each Category gets its own data point.
    Typically, the Categories of a Polar Charts are descriptive data.
  2. In the Values area, click Add+ to select the field whose values determine the distance of the column from the center of the polar circle. This is typically used to represent numeric data.
    When you select more than one value, they are stacked on top of each other.
  3. Select a field by which to break (group) the data in this chart by clicking Add +.
    Each field added to Break by is represented by its own column and color in the chart and is automatically added to the chart’s legend.
    This is an optional field. You can add at most one Break by field. The Break by option is available only when a single field was added to Values (Y-AXIS).

Designing the Polar Chart

Fine-tune the appearance of the Polar Chart widget, using the following tools.