Scatter Map

Important: From 15 December 2020, Sisense will use an updated version of Mapbox to generate Scatter Maps. Perform a simple configuration to get the map upgrade. See Configuring Sisense for the Mapbox Upgrade.

Scatter Maps allow you to visualize geographical data as data points on a map. Sisense uses a cloud service to load the background tiles of the map, and position data points on the map using a geocoding service.

The map distinguishes data using different colors and sizes for the data points on the map.

For a short video overview of scatter maps, see below:


Adding Data

In the Location panel, you can add any field(s) that contain geographic data, and the map will find the most appropriate point. Supported Location types:

For example, if you have a country field, using it by itself will visualize the countries on the map.

If instead you have a city field, using it will visualize the cities on the map automatically.

Improving Geographic Accuracy

Use multiple geographic fields

To improve accuracy, it is recommended to use more than one geographic level. For example, if you have both a country and a city field, add both of them to the Location panel.

Define the location type

Clicking on the geographic field’s menu will present a location type sub-menu, which contains the following options:

By default, Auto is always selected. This option always tries to figure out which fits best. For better accuracy, you can specify the appropriate location type.

Using Latitude and Longitude data

To visualize latitude and longitude data, you have to add one field containing latitude data, and another field containing longitude data, in this order.


Select a numeric field here to color the scatter points on the map according to their value and color rule.

The value of the field is displayed in the tooltip of the scatter point on the map. Hover over the point to see it.


Select a numeric field here to make the size of the scatter points on the map relative to their value in the field’s value range.


You can select additional data (numeric or descriptive) that will appear when hovering over the data point in the map.

Designing the Scatter Map

Fine-tune the appearance of the Scatter Map Widget, using the following tools.