Applicable to Sisense on Linux and Microsoft Windows

The Treemap is a multi-dimensional widget that displays hierarchical data in the form of nested rectangles. This type of chart can be used in different scenarios, for example, instead of a column chart if you have to compare too many categories and sub-categories.

For a short video on treemaps, see below.

Adding Data

  1. In the Categories panel, click Add+ to select the fields whose values will be represented as rectangles in the chart.
    Typically, the Categories of a Treemap widget contain descriptive data.
    You can add up to three fields, so that a rectangle hierarchy is created.
    You can reorder the fields using drag and drop.
  2. In the Size panel, select the field whose values determine the size of the rectangles by clicking Add +. Values are typically used to represent numeric data.
    You can add only one field.
  3. In the Color panel, click Add + to select the field to use as the color basis for your rectangles.

The following coloring scenarios are supported:

Note: You can only color by a field that is also used in the Categories panel. If you choose a field that is not there, it will be automatically added.

Designing the Treemap

Fine-tune the appearance of the Treemap widget, using the following tools.