Creating a Continuous Chart with Missing Date Values

If your data is missing date values, you can add the missing dates to your chart to create a continuous data flow. In addition, you can select whether to display missing dates as gaps in your chart, or include null values as zeros, to avoid gaps, and maintain a continuous data flow.

For example, if your chart begins June 8th and ends June 20th, but there is no value on June 13th, you can choose to include the missing date on the x-axis. You can also choose whether to continue the graph (create zero values) or cut the graph where there are missing values.

The default chart is missing June 13th.

After selecting the Continuous option, the chart includes the missing date(s).

In addition, you can select to continue the line, by treating null (missing) values as zero values.

To create a continuous chart:

  1. In the X-Axis panel, click on the menu, and select Continuous.
  2. To treat null values as zero values, click on the menu of the Values panel, and select Treat Null as Zero.